How Multilevel Sensory Experience Enhances the Learning Process

If you’re a parent or an educator, you’ve likely experienced challenges when it comes to teaching children.  There are many factors at the root of these challenges — whether it’s that some children can’t sit still, some may not be able to focus, they can’t clearly comprehend the materials, or they lack educational stimulation, among read more >


Incorporating Music into Distance Learning

Technology limitations and hiccups. A lack of focus by students. Greater feelings of isolation. With distance learning is now the norm for most of us, these are just some of the problems we encounter daily as we navigate our new learning landscape. But what if I were to tell you of a way to lessen read more >


The Lessons from the Book “A Little Spark”

Believe in Ourselves Understand the Situation There are number of lessons from the story. These are presented in the final section of the book. The first lesson is really the foundation for the others:  Be That Spark. In this post, we discuss the overall “Be That Spark” theme and spend a little time discussing the read more >


The World of “Be That Spark”

If you haven’t read my first blog post, I recommend you start there. It will help you understand the beginning of my book writing/publishing adventure. The world of A Little Spark has been many years in the making. It all started when I had the idea for a story about the tiniest of creatures – read more >


And So The Story Begins

Be That Spark To Those who need a little Spark, a hand up, a break, a chance – may you find your way and do great things. And So The Story Begins I was surrounded by storytellers growing up in my little fishing community of Flatrock, Newfoundland. I wanted to learn more about the world, read more >