The Lessons from the Book “A Little Spark”

Believe in Ourselves

Understand the Situation

There are number of lessons from the story. These are presented in the final section of the book. The first lesson is really the foundation for the others:  Be That Spark.

In this post, we discuss the overall “Be That Spark” theme and spend a little time discussing the first two lessons – “Believe in Ourselves” and “Understand the Situation.” In subsequent posts we will introduce you to the other four lessons.

“I personally loved the lessons learned in the story- especially that even the smallest creature can make the biggest difference.  That is especially important for children to hear because they so badly want to be seen and heard. “

Nicole Ramirez – Grade 1 Teacher

BE THAT SPARK: The overall theme, or what I would call the “key-take away,” is the idea that we all need to look for ways to “Be That Spark.” We need to engage and find ways where we can make a difference in the lives of those around us. Those opportunities abound; we just need to be looking for them. There’s a line in the theme song “A Little Spark” which goes like this – “no more selfies, turn your camera out. And make a connection, that’s what this is about.”

Regardless of who you are, you will someday need that Spark on your own journey. Can you imagine if everyone leaned in and became that Spark? If they reached out their hand to help someone along the way? It is important that children develop the importance of “giving” early in life and that this character trait is encouraged along the way.

“A spark is a little thing, yet it may kindle the world.” Martin Farquhar Tupper

BELIEVE IN OURSELVES: In the story, our main character, Spark, finds himself in difficult situation where, because of how things “are” in the world of Zuron, he is trapped and forced to accept his lowly position in life. The one thing that helps him succeed is his belief in himself. He is confident that he can do more – “put me in, Coach, and give me the ball and I’ll make the play whatever you call. I can do more.” Those are lines from the song “I Can Do More.”

We need to constantly work with our kids to help them build their confidence and to always encourage them to believe in their ability to do more. Whatever “more” is.

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced." Vincent van Gogh

UNDERSTAND THE SITUATION: Sometimes we jump to conclusions before knowing the facts. Actually, it happens a lot. We assume things about people without knowing their situation. We fill in the blanks based on our experiences or perceptions and sometimes we get it wrong. The outcome is never good. The character Rosie doesn’t rush things, and she takes the time to understand the situation and to help others make decisions based on a clear set of facts.

We need to teach our kids to take the time to ask questions – many questions – in order to understand what is really happening. This is a skill that can be developed in children at an early age.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing.” - Socrates

In our next post we will discuss the next two lessons: "Everyone Should be Treated as an Equal" and "Friends Look After Friends."