Zuroam Media is a small media and publishing startup founded by Chris Parsons in 2018. Our goal is to create stories that can be told in new ways through an experience that brings text, music, audio, and video together for young audiences. Our first production, the book A Little Spark was released on Oct 1, 2020.  A Little Spark was awarded the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award Gold Medal for best in family-friendly media, products, and services.

“A Little Spark is more than just a book – it's a multimedia experience with a lot of heart! This fully illustrated chapter book comes with QR codes to listen to music throughout the story and a code to download the audiobook right in the book! Reading time is such a special time for connection, and A Little Spark really has something for the whole family to enjoy! It also has wonderful lessons throughout the book.” Children’s Book Review

A Little Spark is a family read-aloud fully illustrated chapter book complete with soundtrack and audiobook. There are beautiful illustrations to help bring the text to life, an audiobook with delightful performances of each character, and an album of songs (that can be accessed through QR codes). Check out the Parent’s Guide to A Little Spark.

At Zuroam Media we are working with content creators, writers, illustrators, musicians, and animators to bring its stories to life.

Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons left the high-tech business world behind to focus on his true passion and life mission of creating meaningful experiences for children and founded Zuroam Media in 2018. He is the author of the book A Little Spark and the creative lead for the Zuroam Media’s overall Be That Spark initiative.

Will Robertson

Will Robertson got his start as a self-published author based out of Portland, Oregon. He is the President/CEO of Casey and Kyle Inc., a media company specializing in producing quality content for young readers. Will provides overall editorial input, brand / book design and technology development and support.


Mike Motz

Mike Motz is a children's book illustrator and publishing professional based out of Toronto, Canada. Motz has helped writers around the world fulfill their dreams of publishing their works. Mike is one of the illustrators for the book A Little Spark.


Sergio Drumond

Sergio Drumond is a painter, illustrator, animator, and digital graphic artist. He spent a great part of his life in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, where he studied and worked illustrating books, graphic novels, and producing animation for educational video series. He has illustrated nearly 200 published books. Sergio is one of the illustrators for the book A Little Spark.

Bruce Faulconer

Bruce Faulconeris a musician, composer, and record producer based in Dallas, Texas. He is the owner and founder of Faulconer Productions Music and CakeMix Recording Studio. Faulconer writes music for orchestra, various instrumental and choral groups, along with the music for feature films and TV series, including the anime Dragon Ball Z. He recently completed twelve songs for the A Little Spark soundtrack, including the production of the award-winning audiobook.


Brandon McInnis

Brandon McInnis is a voice actor and singer known primarily for his work on animation and video games. He is the narrator for the A Little Spark audiobook and provided vocals on several songs on the soundtrack. With a deep love for music production and originally trained as an opera singer, Brandon also produces music for release on YouTube and Spotify.

WT Greer

WTGreer has captured the hearts of listeners from San Diego to the White House, Europe to Africa, and from Australia to Asia. His music is being played on radio and satellite stations broadcast around the world, and his voice can be heard in almost every time zone. WT lends his voice to several songs on the soundtrack including the theme song, “A Little Spark.”

Remington Septein

Remington Septein is a fresh mix of the pop country style of Sam Hunt, the incredible vocal chops of Steve Perry, and the guitar solo style of Jack White. Remington lends his voice to several songs on the soundtrack including the heavy metal influenced “Icing” and channels Louie Armstrong in the jazzy “All Together Zuroam.”

Andy Timmons

Andy Timmons is known for his reliability and optimism; session wiz Andy Timmons is one of the most well-respected and talented musicians to have worked the sideman He toured the world opening for Kiss and Alice Cooper, sold over a million records worldwide, and had two #1 videos on MTV. Andy joined the Zuroam Media music family in 2021 as the featured guitarist on several songs.

Frank Donner

Frank Donner is the Founder and CEO of BLKBX Creative Group, an innovative digital marketing agency based in Hollywood. BLKBX has crafted some of the most successful promotional campaigns for leading films and television shows. Frank serves as an advisor to Zuroam Media for all things related to animation and overall marketing strategy.

Nicole Ramirez

Nicole Ramirez is a 2nd grade teacher in Dallas. She is passionate about her job. “My favorite thing about teaching is being able to be a part of something bigger than myself. I am able to educate a young person and help them become the best person they can be. I love my job.” Nicole worked with Zuroam Media on the Be That Spark pilot project conducted in early 2020 with her Grade 1 class. She is an advisor on the Zuroam Media team and is responsible for helping with the development of the Be That Spark program, including lesson plans and supporting content.

Sabrena Gartland
Social Media Director

Sabrena Gartland is the Founder and Creative Director of Frogman Media Group. She is responsible for the overall social media strategy and operations. Sabrena is driven by a passion for finding new, exciting, and effective ways to engage customers' audiences across all social media platforms.

Merilee Kern

Merilee Kern - Forbes Business Council Member Merilee Kern, MBA, Kern Communications CEO, is a senior-level publicity, branding, and marketing communications professional helping facilitate press-driven visibility and awareness for Zuroam Media interests. An award-winning children's book author in her own right, Merilee is revered for her creativity, ingenuity, and strategic prowess.

A Little Spark Sequel - Zuroam Media is currently in production for its upcoming sequel to A Little Spark (July 2022), including a new soundtrack and accompanying audiobook.

Be That Spark School Program - Working in partnership with a teacher advisory group, the “Be That Spark” elementary education pilot program launched this October in multiple first grade classrooms in Texas and Virginia. This program combines the book, music, audio and over 50 online activities into a formal academic lesson plan designed to provide a fun, inspiring experience for educators and their students. The Be That Spark program includes a focus on helping students develop positive character traits based on the characters and lessons from the book.

Spark Good Deeds – In June of this year Zuroam Media launched Spark Good Deeds on Facebook and Instagram to promote and share inspirational stories – No matter how small you think you are, you can make a big difference. Even the smallest act of kindness is awesome! 

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