Zuroam Media is a small media startup founded in 2018. Our goal is to create stories that can be told in new ways through an experience that brings text, music, AR/VR and video together for young audiences. Our first productions are slated for release in 2020. Click here to order your copy of "A Little Spark" today!

To bring this vision to life, I have built an amazing team, including Mike Motz, (who has helped illustrate over 300 children’s books), Will Robertson (who has worked on the design and editing of over 200 children’s books) and Bruce Faulconer (a composer whose credits include providing the musical score for the series Dragon Ball Z).

Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons is a marketing and technology executive whose first passion is storytelling. Hidden deep down, and only visible to a few, is his creative passion for developing stories and characters for the entertainment of those around him (and of course himself). Chris founded Zuroam Media in 2018.  Chris has been involved in a number of startups throughout his career.

Will Robertson

Will Robertson got his start as a self published author based out of Portland, Oregon. He is the President/CEO of Casey and Kyle Inc., a media company specializing in producing quality content for young readers. He proudly partners with indepedent authors to bring their stories into the world.

Bruce Faulconer

Bruce Faulconer is a musician, composer, and record producer based in Dallas, Texas. He is the owner and founder of Faulconer productions and CakeMix Recording Studio. Faulconer writes music for orchestra, various instrumental and choral groups, along with the music for feature films and TV series including the anime Dragon Ball Z.

Mike Motz

Mike Motz is a children's book illustrator and publishing professional  based out of Toronto, Canada. Motz has helped writers around the world fulfill their dreams of publishing their works. To date, Motz has been responsible for the creating the artwork of over 300 self-published children's books.

Kealan Parsons

Kealan Parsons is the Communications Director at Zuroam Media, based out of Austin, Texas. He has held various positions in the communications field including  PR roles at AT&T and marketing roles at The Borgen Project. Kealan is responsible for market and content editing including Web Site development and multi-media enablement including AR/VR.


Don't bother to google it - it's our special word. It's that special place where you feel part of something big, A place where everyone matters, where people take care of each other and just maybe, dreams can come through.


Zuroam Media

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